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Looking for compassionate dental care for your child? You’ve come to the right place! St. Louis Pediatric Dentistry® has four convenient locations, each designed for children and teens!

Welcome to St. Louis Pediatric Dentistry®

Welcome to St. Louis Pediatric Dentistry® where we make dentistry fun, interactive, and educational for your child. You will notice the difference from your very first visit. From our bright, modern, and kid-friendly dental offices to our caring, compassionate, and professional staff, we will provide an exceptional experience for you and your child at every dental appointment.

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St. Louis Pediatric Dentistry | Our Team

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We offer all the pediatric dentistry your child needs to maintain a happy, healthy smile.

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St. Louis Pediatric Dentistry | Our Team

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We love welcoming children to our practice, and we can't wait to meet your little one!

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What Makes Us Different?

Whether you are new to the St. Louis area or simply looking for a new dentist, we at St. Louis Pediatric Dentistry® would like to welcome your children to a fantastic dental experience!

St. Louis Pediatric Dentistry® has a fun, positive, and engaging approach to ensure an excellent dental experience for your child or teen! Our offices are designed to make each visit enjoyable, equipped with TV’s in the rooms, Tablets, Treasure Towers, and more! Our doctors have an age appropriate and kid-oriented style, which allows them to get to know each child personally and communicate with parents and children to create a lifetime of healthy smiles.

Welcome to an office kids love, where every patient, regardless of age, is treated with the latest advances in dental technology!

Your Child’s First Dental Visit

Establishing care early is important. The American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry recommends that your child has their first visit by their first birthday.

By the time they have several teeth, we can begin to monitor their dental health and help them become accustomed to the dental office, making it fun and easy for them to receive the continued care they will need to thrive and have a happy, healthy smile for a lifetime!

What To Expect

At your child’s first visit, we will move at their pace to help them become confident and familiar with our team as well as the sights and sounds of the dental office.

We will perform an exam and make sure their first teeth are healthy and progressing normally, followed by a prescribed professional fluoride treatment.

As long as your child is comfortable we will begin introducing the to other exciting things as well!

At St. Louis Pediatric Dentistry® we have an Open Door Policy, and encourage parents to accompany their child at each visit. To avoid any confusion for your child and ensure a positive experience, we just ask that parents be a part of the appointment as silent supporters.

We will make your child’s first visit fun and interactive by encouraging curiosity, providing entertainment such as TVs, tablets, and toys to make their appointments something they look forward to.

Continued Care As Your Child Grows

At each visit we will continue to monitor your child’s growth and development. We will check to make sure their teeth are healthy and erupting as anticipated. Additionally, we will keep an eye out for common conditions such as decay (cavities), gum disease, and bite alignment.

As your child becomes more confident, we will introduce cleanings and prescribed x-rays when necessary. Eventually we may recommend other preventive measures, such as sealants, too!

Since every child is different, we will make the recommendations that will meet the needs of your child. We maintain a focus on prevention and treat decay when necessary, before it has a chance to worsen and potentially cause pain or even tooth loss.
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