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Our office is committed to delivering the best in world-class healthcare and in helping you maximize your insurance benefits. Because all insurance policies vary, we can only ESTIMATE your coverage in good faith and cannot guarantee coverage due to the complexities of insurance contracts. We encourage parents to be knowledgeable of the patient benefits so that together we can better understand your policy. With some carriers, our office may be in-network, with others out-of-network, and coverage may change at any time without notification.

We request that you notify our office of any address, phone or insurance changes as soon as they occur.

It is also imperative you be aware of primary and secondary insurance if you have a secondary carrier. We will only file a claim once; if it is denied because incorrect information was given to our office, the responsible party will owe the balance.

Our new patient and six-month recall appointments include the following services as prescribed by the doctor:

  • Dental exam
  • Prophylaxis (cleaning)
  • Fluoride treatment (polish)
  • X-rays (when doctors deem necessary)

Your dental plan may not cover preventive procedures that can save you money later, such as sealants, or fluoride treatment. This in no way means these treatments are unnecessary. Our dentists can help you decide what treatments are best for your child.

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Are pacifier and thumb/finger sucking habits bad?

While prolonged pacifier, thumb sucking and finger sucking habits can become problematic, most children stop on their own. Encouraging your child to cease the habit by age three will help with future bite and jaw issues. However, should your child struggle with stopping the habit, our Doctors can help! Feel free to discuss any concerns at your child’s next dental visit!

What makes your office different from others in the area?

Whether you are new to the St. Louis area or simply looking for a new dentist, we at St. Louis Pediatric Dentistry® would like to welcome your children to a fantastic dental experience!

St. Louis Pediatric Dentistry® has a fun, positive, and engaging approach to ensure an excellent dental experience for your child or teen! Our offices are designed to make each visit enjoyable, equipped with TV’s in the rooms, tablets, treasure towers, and more! Our doctors have an age appropriate and kid-oriented style, which allows them to get to know each child personally and communicate with parents and children to create a lifetime of healthy smiles.

Welcome to an office kids love, where every patient, regardless of age, is treated with the latest advances in dental technology!
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